Beach Libraries


Whilst you are sunbathing at the beach, there is nothing more relaxing than getting lost in another universe which is unfolding through the pages of the book on your lap. You might look as if you are slowly dozing off on your beach towel, when in reality you are fighting for your life in a cosmic battle in the galaxy.

Now, while many love a good read, a book is not usually among the priorities when you are packing for a day at the beach. Many countries around the world have decided to solve this by setting up mini-libraries right on the beach. Offering a wide variety of good reads, beach goers no longer have to worry about forgetting to take a book with them to the beach.

A beach library in Albena, Bulgaria, stocks books in over ten languages, offering tourists and locals a wide variety of reads to enjoy while they are on the beach. When Ikea was celebrating its 30th Anniversary, they set up a one-day beach library on the beach in Sydney, Australia. Other pop-up libraries can be seen on beaches in France, Israel and the Netherlands. Moreover they come in all shapes and sizes. From ones that look like old ice-cream carts to tent-like creations, many can be seen dotting the beaches around the world.

Do you think it’s time for Malta to jump on the bandwagon and take the libraries to the beaches?