Epitaph to Robin Williams (1951 – 2014)

It was a great shock to wake up bright and shiny this morning (not true, as usual I was dazed and half dead… anyways) and read it all over facebook, the CNN, etc…– Robin Williams is dead.

Popeye, Patch Addams, Peter Pan, Mrs Doubtfire, are only a few of the most famous roles this loved and world-wide known comedian has performed brilliantly, bringing joy and laughter to millions of fans and movie-lovers alike. The quirky actor first started to become well-known with the TV sitcom ‘Mork and Mindy’(1978 – 1982) when he was just 27 years old, testament to the fact of how hard and how much he had worked during his youth and early adulthood, to study acting.

Although best known for his comedian stand-up acts and his comic roles, Williams was also a brilliant dramatic actor, as can be seen from his movies ‘Good Will Hunting’ (1997), ‘What Dreams may Come’ (1998) and ‘Insomnia’ (2002). Usually however, directors took into account his great comic gift and tended to blend and mix the two genres, resulting in masterpieces like ‘Hook’ (1991), ‘Jumanji’ (1995), and ‘Bicentennial Man’ (1999).

Williams was also the voice-over for various famous characters in a number of animated movies, like the genie in Walt Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ (1992), as well as Ramon in Warner Bros’ ‘Happy Feet’ (2006).

Robin Williams married three times and had three children. One of his best friends was the famous actor Christopher Reeve (1952 – 2004), most well known for his part as Superman/Clerk Kent in the eponymous movies (totalling four in all)

During his eventful life, Williams had many problems, including an addiction to cocaine during the 70’s and 80’s, and an addiction to alcohol in the early 2000s. He had heart surgery in 2009, and suffered from depression and bi-polar disorder. All this, sadly, is testament to the fact that not all that glitters is gold, that even the most funny, and happy-seeming personality, be they rich or poor, famous or not, can be unhappy in reality.

Yesterday, Robin Williams, who for me, will always remain one of the most talented actors to grace the screen, and make my childhood sweeter, was found unconscious at his home in California, and pronounced dead a few minutes later.

Four movies he has lately worked on are still in production, and will be out in theatres later on this year, as well as in 2015.

Although he’s gone, he will leave behind him millions of people in mourning, as well as many happy memories generated by his work, and thanks to the big and little screen, will continue to produce laughter and joy, even though he’s gone.

R.I.P Robin Williams.