How to Prevent Your Makeup from Melting


Hot, humid weather is the order of the day during the summer months. Unfortunately, although the skies are beautiful, the heat tends to melt our make-up even faster, turning what was once a beautiful canvas into a messy look. However, fear not, remedies to this problem do exist.

The first and easiest solution is to simply not use make-up during the summer months, especially foundation. The beautiful weather usually tends to give us glowing skin which is beautiful in itself, so no extra cover is needed. Use a beauty balm cream (A BB cream with an SPF to take care of your skin at all times!), va va voom your lashes with some mascara, pop on some lip balm (also with SPF as lips are very sensitive) and you’re ready to head out!

However, if you would still like to wear make-up during these warm times, there are a few things that you can do to protect your make-up.

Have a good look at the cosmetics in your make-up bag. Make sure to use light, shear and waterproof make-up as this, unlike heavy, oil-based cosmetics, will stay in place longer. STAY AWAY FROM OIL-BASED AND LIQUID PRODUCTS!

ALWAYS prime your face before applying your make-up – a primer helps set make-up and it also prevents it from moving around, ensuring a perfect finish that will last.

Ice, Ice, Baby – Take an ice cube and gently rub it all over your face. Blot it dry and then start applying your make-up. This will cool down your face, close your pores and will minimise a make-up meltdown.

Don’t pile on plenty of make-up – little is more, when dealing with the heat!

Use waterproof formulas – these will help keep the perspiration and humidity from ruining your make-up.

Blot away – there will be occasions when you just can’t stop the perspiration. So, be prepared. Use blotting paper the second you feel yourself perspiring and all will be solved.

Good luck and enjoy the summer!