History of Fashion – Ralph Lauren


Born Ralph Lifshitz in New York City, the iconic fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, is best known for his sportswear line, Polo Ralph Lauren, as well as the renowned short sleeve shirt with the Polo emblem.

At the age of 12, Lauren was already very fashion aware, being the best dressed in his neighbourhood. Whilst studying for a Business degree during the day, he learnt his trade through evening jobs. In 1968, he founded Polo Fashions with the help of a $50,000 loan. In the early 1980’s, he launched the power suit in the face of tough competition from Italian designer, Giorgio Armani.

Ralph Lauren eventually expanded his brand to women’s clothing, sheets, towels and furniture. Thanks to his considerable success, Lauren has accumulated a number of rare, classical cars, which are so unique that they have also been featured in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

In addition to his amassed business, Lauren has also been involved in various philanthropic organisations. Amongst them are the Ralph Lauren Centre for Cancer Care and Prevention, and the Pink Pony Fun, both of which support efforts dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.