The Casual Sex Project

© Roy Morsch/Corbis

Do you engage in casual sex, or find yourself asking for all the details when your friends do?

Dr Zhana, instructor at the New York University, has created the Casual Sex Project. This is a collaborative Tumblr page which asks people to recount their close encounters with people they are not in a relationship with.

The sex researcher has noted that most studies regarding the casual sex culture have focused on university students. However, with The Casual Sex Project anyone, regardless of age, race, gender and religion, is able to participate.

The probing submission form is a great opportunity to gain a real understanding of people’s secret lives and society’s attitude towards casual sex.

Most of the posts are positive and even life-affirming. However, one must point out that not all experiences are good and you shouldn’t feel pressured to perform casual sex if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

If you’re curious, check out the page here: