Charles & Ron Pull It Off Again!

If you decide to come and settle in Malta and enter the vortex of worldly parties, fashion and to mingle with the local jet set, you will surely end up bumping into two contributing elements which grace the island: The Corinthia and the designers, Charles & Ron.

Upon receiving the invitation to one of the most awaited events of the summer, I thought I couldn’t ask for a better way to start the weekend.

I headed to the venue on my scooter just after a day’s work, and after getting lost a couple of times in the intricate maze of the Three Villages, (Attard, Lija and Balzan) I finally parked just outside the main gate.

The word ‘religious’ is not the first adjective that comes to mind when describing myself, however if heaven does exist, then it surely looks very similar to the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa.

A wonderful villa set in a luxurious garden are the perfect location for a hotel. Just as I arrived, two stalwart boys opened the door and a host of smiles greeted me with a glass of champagne! It was love at first sight.

Between one bubble and another, I started the usual cancan of kisses, smiles, greetings and criticism. My super fashioned, high-heeled, gorgeous friend and I, missed no one. The dress code called for a summer cocktail environment. Obviously, we did not miss out on the opportunity to show off our very own creativity and style.

The 30% discount at the boutique Charles & Ron located in the lobby of the Corinthia had a hypnotic effect on my friend. In fact, I only managed to drag her out after she had bought a fantastic blue clutch and a golden necklace with blue plexiglass pendants. sat in the front row, ready for the start of the fashion show that would surely be talked about for weeks and which would definitely leave a mark on this year’s trends.

The designers once again confirmed their talent. One after the other, the models paraded to the rhythm of the wonderful live jazz music.

The High Summer Collection was received, without any doubt, with an appreciative applause.

Any woman wrapped in Charles & Ron lives the romantic dream between Hollywood and Capri. She captures all the stardom of the American stars and the sensual scent of the Mediterranean woman. The pastel colours of the stylish clothes filled the great Corinthia hall with many shades and different sensations.

The charmed audience dedicated a final standing ovation and after that, the party followed. We were treated to some wonderful treats from the new menu that the chef of Villa Corinthia prepared for this occasion.

Just to whet your appetite, with a glass of wine in one hand, we were able to savour the smoked ham hock and duck mosaic, beetroot relish, pickled cauliflower, toast, half lobster cocktail with red and yellow chicory, risotto with prawns, rabbit and so much more …A real feast of wonderful food!

A fashion party worthy of its name could not close with a deserted dance floor. The more cheerful (and a little drunk) put on their dancing shoes and danced to the great music of the Big Band Brothers. Obviously I was one of them. I take this opportunity to thank my wonderful dance partner Isabelle Warrington, who also masterfully presented the evening.

When it was time to call it a night, the two boys were waiting by the door with a bag full of gifts and vouchers for exclusive discounts. I must have greeted them with a yawn and parted with a smile on my face, a goody bag in one hand and my Iphone full of photos of the evening in my other. Don’t worry! The selfies to tease my Italian friends won’t go amiss.

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