Bergamo, Italy: A Great Place To Be

Lake Iseo Bergamo, Alto

I recently decided to go on a slightly different kind of holiday and visit a more northern part of Italy, Bergamo. I have been to Rome many times so I thought a change would do me good.

It most definitely did. Bergamo is small, quiet and very beautiful and is surrounded by mountains and greenery. I stayed in a little flat on Via Borgo Palazzo which is a ten minute walk from the train and bus station. The road leading up to them is lined with shops and restaurants, all very reasonably priced.

The really great thing about Bergamo is that it is a fantastic launching pad for further travels. Milan is just a fifty minute train ride away and the trains are very punctual. Just always remember to validate your ticket in the little yellow machines in order to avoid a fine. Once in Milan, the Duomo is a magnificent site to behold. However, if you plan on going inside make sure you are very modestly dressed as I was not allowed in as my knee-length dress was deemed ‘troppo corto’ (too short). In Milan, everything is that much more expensive than in Bergamo, especially around the Duomo because it is quite a tourist trap.

Whilst in this area of Italy, a trip to Lake Iseo is a must. You can take a bus to Sarnico, which is only forty minutes away and once there, you can catch a water taxi to the different islands surrounding the Lake. I usually prefer to holiday in large, busy cities so this was quite a change for me. But it definitely induced a feeling of relaxation.

I would definitely recommend a short stay in Bergamo to anyone.