ORLY Hope and Freedom Fest

Take the festival vibe with you everywhere this summer.

So, what’s on your summer calendar? Festivals? Pool Parties? Lazy barbecues on the beach?

Whatever it is, the ORLY Hope and Freedom Fest nail collection will keep your nails looking pretty and perfect all summer long, with shades to suit every event.

From the dewy shade of green in Coachella Dweller, which is ideal for picnics and sunny walks, to sparkling pink Elation Generation; certain to pack a punch at that party, ORLY Hope and Freedom Fest has your nails colour coordinated to every gorgeous summer occasion!


Show some love on your nails with this nail look using shades from the ORLY Hope & Freedom Fest collection:

Step 1: Paint 2 coats of Coachella Dweller using it as your base colour.

Step 2: With the large side of the dotter duo tool, begin by creating the outline of a heart using Elation Generation. Keep using the dotter to fill in the heart until it is opaque.

Step 3: Once the nails are completely dry, apply one coat of Magnifique to brighten and pop the look.

Advertorial brought to you by C&D Beauty – SU Systeme Unique Nail Academy, importers for ORLY products. 

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