History of Fashion: Christian Dior

The French fashion designer, Christian Dior was born in 1905, in the seaside town of Granville in France and was the second of five children. His post-World War II creations led to his success and the legacy that ensued.

Dior was passionate about art and began his career by selling hat sketches in Paris in 1935. During the war, he worked for couturier Lucien Lelong, whose design house dressed Nazi women and French collaborators. He also served for some time in the South of France, as an officer in the French army.

In 1946, he established his own fashion house launching the fresh look for which he became renowned. It consisted of soft shoulders, tight waists and full skirts for a feminine elegance.

All of his collections highlighted a theme; such as the classic suit or the ballerina skirt.

In 1957, and at the age of 52, Christian Dior died suddenly after suffering his third heart attack, while on vacation in Italy.