Fifty Shades of Grey Film Trailer

The long-awaited Fifty Shades of Grey film trailer was released recently after much anticipation, but was met with divided opinions. The film is based on the erotic romance, Fifty Shades trilogy. Having currently sold over 100 million copies, this trilogy is one of the fastest selling series of all time.

The books are also some of the most controversial, being one of the first adult novels to be read and discussed globally. What is interesting is the way that they highlighted the fact that sex is still sometimes seen as a taboo. This is reflected in the fact that the novel was first only published as an ebook which could be read in secret on a Kindle. Some people even admitted to changing the dust sheet cover when reading it on the London Tube to avoid attention.

Whether you read it for enjoyment or simply so you didn’t feel left out, it was probably hard not to notice that the ‘romance plot’ between the young, naive Anastasia Steele (played by new comer Dakota Johnson) and the controlling, sexy Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan) was really just a loose veneer of respectability for the main point of the plot; the frequent and detailed sex scenes.

So it’s understandable why some fans are a bit disappointed about the trailer, which appears to focus more on the relationship between the characters than the steamy details that make up the books. All is not lost though, with the end of the trailer giving a tantalising glimpse of Anastasia being introduced to Mr Grey’s infamous ‘Red Room of Pain.’

The release of the film is set for Valentine’s Day, 2015.

An adaptation of an erotic novel was always going to be difficult, so we’ll have to wait and see how it all works out. And even you if you don’t end up liking it, the sight of Jamie Dornan with his top off for most of the film will be sure to take the edge off of your disappointment.