Treasures for Inspire Foundation

Over 300,000 pieces of used clothes collected in aid of charity.

In today’s world we get bored of our wardrobes before clothes wear out. Fashion trends keep changing and we tend to change with them. Although we might be described as a wasteful generation, GreenPak’s initiative to recycle clothes for charity has proven otherwise.

In late 2013, GreenPak Coop Society, a compliance scheme that recovers and recycles waste, launched ‘Treasures for Inspire,’ a clothes collection scheme in aid of Inspire Foundation. Since then, GreenPak has organised four ‘Treasures for Inspire’ collections, with the most recent one being held last May.

Thanks to the full support of local councils, the collections have proven to be a very successful instrument for raising funds for charity. This campaign offers the community the opportunity to donate unwanted clothing items and at the same time help raise funds for Inspire Foundation – a non-profit organisation that provides various services to children and adults with disabilities.

Thanks to this initiative, GreenPak Coop collected over 300,000 pieces of clothing, shoes, handbags and other clothing accessories. These items were exported to Ireland for resale. So far, nine containers of clothes have been exported. The project also provided job opportunities to people with disability.

“Thanks to this initiative, four of our adult clients who have different disabilities have found long term paid work. They are currently employed to sort out the clothes prior to export and are doing a brilliant job. They are finally experiencing occupational fulfilment which we believe is everyone’s right.” explained Inspire Foundation’s CEO, Nathan Farrugia.

“The ‘Treasures for Inspire’ campaign provides benefits all round,” said GreenPak’s Coop CEO, Ing. Mario Schembri, “It safeguards the environment, encourages inclusion and generates funds for charity. It’s a win-win situation on so many levels. GreenPak is proud and honoured to be part of this campaign.”


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