The Relfie


A few days ago I was at the beach; so I had to take a selfie. Now I’m not the selfie kind of person, mostly because I still use an old flip phone and so I cannot take it with my own phone (yes, very superficial matters). Anyway, since my boyfriend was with me, I suggested that we should maybe take a photo together with his phone. I have to admit I do find planning to take a selfie a bit odd, but we did and I was informed that we were going to apparently take a ‘relfie’.

Now, I had never heard of this term before, which apparently means when taking a selfie with your partner, yes ‘a relationship selfie’. It is not enough that we have to take photos of everything we do, but now we have different categories of names for different kinds of photos. I was also informed that the way we take a ‘relfie’ reflects on the strength of the relationship.


It is true that human behaviour is there to be observed, at times, but to stay analysing how a photo is taken and maybe even comparing it, is to my mind, a bit crazy. We have ended up in a state where we are not having one relationship, but two, the virtual and the real one, and I’m not even sure if that’s a correct term to use, ‘real’? The two have become so intertwined with each other, that I’m not sure which is which anymore. Not only do we have a real relationship, but at times it feels that our virtual one does take over, especially when putting something online to be scrutinised by everyone. So the next time you take a relfie, either blissfully ignore all the scrutinising or just don’t take one, either way you’re going to be happy.