Summer Lovin’, Summer Spendin’

Summer doesn’t only bring with it hot weather and a lazy feeling to just lie around, but also a multitude of events which fill our calendars and which simply cannot be missed. Besides the events, the summer weather encourages us to get out more, either for a swim, or to eat, or for a walk along the seafront to have an ice-cream or a cold drink.

This equates to us spending more money on treats every day. If during the winter we go out maybe two or three times per week. In summer, many people go out four to five times. The problem is not the going out, but that we end up spending more money than usual and we often find ourselves putting our hands into empty pockets. This becomes more of a common occurrence as the summer progresses. Unfortunately this leads us to worry more about how to deal with our finances, especially if we don’t have a reliable income.

Speaking from experience, it is basically a lack of discipline with ourselves that leaves us in such a state. Rather than purchasing what we need, we purchase what we want. The problem is that this isn’t a one-off thing, but that it happens every time we go out, so that by end of each month we end up not only being broke, but have incurred some debts, – tis indeed an unfortunate cycle. The thing is that all it takes is a little bit of awareness, a bit of knowing where we stand, a bit of discipline and an ability to say ‘no’.

It is true that money is there to be spent (or saved or invested) but a little extra thought saves us from a lot of stress and unnecessary headaches. Instead of spending our money like there is no tomorrow, we can weigh our options, even more if we know that in a month’s time we will be in a worse of situation.

So take a few minutes, do the sums and then go ahead and enjoy your summer.