Waiting for Exam Results

© Jamie Grill/Tetra Images/Corbis

Textbooks, notes and short notes have all been filed away long ago, but that does not mean that your mind is not wandering back to that two-hour exam session you had over a month ago. For most students, this summer has been, so far, a long wait for exam results. Here at eve.com.mt we feel your pain and suggest you browse through our pages and distract yourself for a while.

Frustrating for many is the fact that students in their final year, have already got their results, and are bombarding your Facebook timeline with celebratory statuses about their success and their upcoming graduation. Just log off. Avoid thinking about it. Trying to sound complacent by congratulating them will do little to appease your worried mind.

In the meantime, you can also make your voice heard by signing the online petition issued by the students’ organisation, KSU. It is summer after all and the best tip we can give you is to go to the beach, log off all your electronic devices and stop refreshing your results page. Stop the obsession.

Post-exam stress can be just as brutal as stress during exam season, so move away from the chocolate bars and try to go for the more refreshing and healthy summer fruit options. Control your stress, do not let it control you. The facts are what they are. There is nothing you can do about it, so go out and enjoy the summer sunshine. You’ll feel much better afterwards.