Interview with Gillian Bugeja Kissaun


Name & Surname: Gillian Bugeja Kissaun

Date of Birth:  29/09/1991

Star Sign: Libra

Occupation: Student/English Language Teacher

Where are you from? Pembroke

Describe yourself in one word: Crazy

A country which you would like to visit? United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Something you cannot live without? Music

Do you have any  hobbies? Dancing as a hobby and also my part time  job.

Do you have any fashion Idol? No idol in particular.

What do you think of modelling? I’ve never had any experience but it seems interesting.

You’ve won the lottery. What would you do with the money? I would travel around the World.

Mention something you are proud of that you did yourself.
I have achieved many of my goals with my own effort and determination such as in my studies. I managed to join a very local prestigious dance company.

What  makes you angry? Driving (haha) and selfish people.


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