Durex PLAY Products – Here’s How to Have a Great Time in Bed!

Whenever we hear the brand name Durex we immediately think of condoms. No surprise there, since the company has been around for eighty years and is recognised as being the world’s No. 1 condom brand.

Durex also offers a whole range of exciting products such as the Play products which are designed to really spice up your bedroom time.

Make the best of your alone time or have fun with your partner – there’s certainly a Play product for you.

Durex’s pleasure enhancing lubricants really focus on the whole element of intimate ‘play.’ How about trying out Play Feel, a classic water-based lube which is light and smooth and specifically designed to enhance intimate pleasure.

You’ll certainly warm up to this one, Play Heat enhances the warming action and make the sensation of ‘play’ time even more deliciously intense.

There’s also Play Tingle, a long-lasting silky lube with a zingy, refreshing taste and fresh, clean fragrance. This works wonders to create that magical tingling sensation wherever you put it.

For those who like all things sweet, the Durex range has two products which taste quite like a smoothie. Why not try out Play Very Cherry or add a bit of the tropics to the bedroom with Play Piña Colada. Both products are sugar free so get creative and use these lubes wherever you like, whenever you like.

Play 2 in 1 Massage Gel – Now here’s a product to take your bedroom pleasures to new stratospheric heights. Here’s your chance to enjoy a sensual silky smooth massage with a gel that can also double up as a lube. It’s sensitive enough for all-over use, so go ahead and spoil yourself or spoil your partner with a wonderful massage session. There’s also the added benefit that since this product contains Vitamin E, your skin will feel healthy and well-nourished after the massage.

Ok so that’s not all – the Play range also extends to your own personal stimulators which are incredibly quiet, waterproof and reusable. The Play Vibrations Touch is so easy to use and comfortable to wear whether you are alone or with a partner. Play Vibrations is a vibrating ring designed to give you twenty minutes of quivering pleasure. This is extended to forty minutes with the Play Vibrations Ultra, which can be used with or without condoms

Make your ‘play’ time work for you by combining these thrilling vibrations with a little lubrication.

All Durex products are imported by NM Arrigo Ltd and are available at all leading pharmacists

Visit www.durex.com to find out more about the other exciting products in Durex range.

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