New Wedding Trend, Butt Naked

The latest wedding trend that has been going round the internet is all about bridesmaids baring their butt cheeks in professional wedding shots. In a long standing list of wedding traditions, we are not sure how well this will go down when you look back on your wedding photos.

A truly bizarre way to celebrate the union of your best friend with her beau, this trend sees a number of different variations when it comes to showing some skin. From tucked in skirts in underwear, to full-on bare butts and to matching underwear, this trend makes for some unforgettable photos.

If you find yourself in such a situation, we hope that you don’t resort to it just because the photographer or anyone else for that matter pressurises you into showing some skin. If you do go ahead with the photos, just be aware of the possible consequences and the power of social media. Are you ok for your peers or even your boss seeing such images, now or even some time in the future?

Trashy or funny? What do you think?