Let’s Work Out, It’s Beach Time!

What is your excuse when it comes to avoiding regular work outs? Is it because you don’t like to train alone?

Are your running shoes worn out? Is it simply too hot?

So let me tell you this:

1. Find a partner who will motivate you and who you can motivate. Everybody has a bad day, but very rarely will both of you have a bad day at the same time. You can encourage each other.

2. Go shopping! Once you have a fashionable, comfortable outfit, you will enjoy your work out much more. Is it a problem about budget? Think about it in this way. The money you spend on ’miracle diets’ can be saved once you start exercising. Is your time limited when it comes to shopping? No problem! Shop online. You can find many websites with bargain prices of branded clothes and trainers that deliver to Malta.

3. I know there’s the summer heat out there, but it’s not an excuse! All gyms have air conditioning and if you would like to walk or run outside, just choose the best time of the day depending whether you are an early bird or an owl. Believe me, once you start exercising, your body will be toned and your metabolism will burn calories faster. And people will keep asking you whether you had a facial recently thanks to your more radiant skin tone. ;)