Evagarden Hyperorange Collection

Orange: Inconic Colour

Hyper energetic, hyper chic, hyper trendy!

This collection focuses mainly on the lips, as well as flawless, luminous skin. As the name implies, particular attention is given to the colour orange, which symbolises energy, fun, vitality, wisdom and ambition.

Evagarden Hyperorange Collection interprets this colour in an elegant manner, keeping in mind its main concept, which is, to give women a powerful, confident style, yet at the same time to keep her look soft, sophisticated and fashionable for the summer season!

Orange by Day:

The products of this collection have been created to be used, both during the day and at night.

Thanks to the Bronzer Effect Foundation No. 525, one can have a natural looking, tanned glow. Its transparent, creamy texture blends well with your skin, leaving it moisturised and your complexion looking naturally bronzed, luminous and uniform.

Micronised titanium and other minerals are treated with innovative technologies and ensure a proper sun protection (SPF 15). And guess what? It’s WATERPROOF, which makes it an ideal product for the beach.

Finish off the look with a touch of orange, natural looking Excess Lipstick.

Orange by Night

You can achieve a more edgy statement for night time by combining the Glaring Eye Shadow and the Celestial (Golden) Eye Shadow, whilst further defining the contour of the eyelids with the Long Lasting Brown Liquid Eyeliner.

Accentuate the cheek bones with Smart Blush No. 330, thanks to its hydra-filling sphere technology. This product gives your skin a luminous, radiant look. Finish off the look with a bold and bright Excess Lipstick, topped with one of the two orange tone glosses.

Match your make up looks with a trendy minimalistic outfit during the day and go dramatic during the night. Hyperorange will boost your self-confidence and give you a new level of glamour!!!

EVAGARDEN is sold at selected make up stores and beauty salons.

For your nearest EVAGARDEN stockist visit: www.facebook.com/evagardenmalta or call us on 21424401/2/3


Photographer: Kurt Paris winner of 2014 Best photographer award
Model: Martine Vella
Makeup artist is Regina for EvaGarden
Hair stylist: Stephen Vella – Cutting edge
Styling: Caroline Paris