Dress My Body with Arosha Body Wraps!


Visiting a beauty salon to have a body treatment is one of the best things you can possibly give to yourself. Seeking advice from a qualified beauty therapist is a start to obtain your desired body shape in as short a time as possible.

Arosha Body Wraps are one way of treating your body with the best ingredients for all skin imperfections you may have on your body. From cellulite and water retention to loss of tone and elasticity – these are just some of the issues that this treatment addresses. Apart from the general feeling of well-being, you will also benefit from the concoction of scrubs and creams that the therapist will apply.

Caffeine, Dead Sea salts, centella asiatica and algae are just a few of the ingredients in Arosha Body Wraps. You will be scrubbed and wrapped in these incredible bandages that work in synergy. The wraps are individually packed and are disposable.

You will notice visible results after just one session. It is also possible to combine this treatment with other slimming machines for a more personalised and dynamic result.

So why not spoil yourself enjoy this beneficial treatment this summer? You can choose to attend just one session or opt for a more intensive course of a number of sessions.

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