Beaches to Visit in Gozo this Summer

Ramla Bay Dwejra and the Azure window. Photo - Chris Camilleri Marsalforn Bay Hondoq ir-Rummien - Photo - San Blas Bay
  1. Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Gozo, famous for its unique reddish-gold sand and beautiful landscape. It’s also overlooked by Calypso Cave. Legend has it that this is the site where the beautiful nymph Calypso kept Odysseus captive as a ‘prisoner of love’ for seven years, as described by the Greek poet, Homer in The Odyssey. The cave offers stunning views over Ramla Bay and the valley that surrounds it. On the beach, both eating and toilet facilities are available and buses run regularly to the bay.

  1. Dwejra & the Azure Window

One of the most spectacular sights in the Maltese Islands, it is impossible to visit Gozo and not take this view in. The landscape around Dwejra is incredible. Look out for the Azure Window, a huge natural limestone arch, which towers over the small traditional boats which take visitors on trips along the coast. There is also a small inland sea surrounded by high cliffs. The shallow waters and pebbly beach is ideal for families with children.

  1. Marsalforn Bay

Marsalforn Bay is very popular with the locals and Maltese families as it is situated in Marsalforn, a summer resort which boasts a sandy beach, as well as rocky places to sunbathe and swim. As well as offering some interesting dive sites, the area also offers a variety of restaurants and bars, making it an ideal spot for a lively day out with friends or family.

  1. Hondoq Ir-Rummien

Everyone’s heard about the island of Comino, but what about its neighbour, Hondoq Ir-Rummien? Situated directly opposite Comino, this sandy beach offers a more secluded alternative to the tourist attraction of the Blue Lagoon. Its crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery make it a perfect place to swim, relax and maybe even have a barbeque! It’s quite a long walk from the closest bus stop but ideal for those who are travelling by car.

  1. San Blas Bay

Situated at the end of a pretty valley, San Blas Bay is a hidden gem that can only be accessed on foot down a very steep hill from the village of Nadur, making it a peaceful option away from the crowds of the bigger beaches. It’s just quite a climb to get back up the hill so try to plan to return when it gets a bit cooler. One of the secrets of San Blas is that it shares the same golden-red coloured sand as Ramla Bay, but can be enjoyed in a more tranquil setting.