Interview with Monsieur Clovis Taittinger

(Left) Daniel Scicluna for with Mons. Clovis Taittinger

Taittinger is one of the few champagne houses worldwide to remain owned and actively managed by the family named on the label.

Monsieur Clovis Taittinger was invited to attend an event organised recently by NM Arrigo Ltd to commemorate the first anniversary since moving to its new premises.

During this event, had the opportunity to interview Monsieur Taittinger. As a fourth generation member of the world famous dynasty and holding the function of Export Director, Monsieur Taittinger gave us some insights into this incredible beverage.


Can you explain the uniqueness of Taittinger Champagnes and what brings this about?

Our champagne is very unique as it has family character and credibility! We use a lot of chardonnay grapes and our champagne is never barrelled so this produces a light champagne that is very easy and pleasant to drink.

How do you market your brand? Do you associate your brand with luxury?

We collaborate and sponsor major international luxury events and festivals where we provide the prizes, etc. We also support the Montreal Jazz Festival and other similar events.

For the first time ever, FIFA chose a champagne house to provide champagne in the VIP and VVIP areas for the duration of World Cup 2014. We are proud to say that they chose Taittinger champagne for this occasion.

Which was the best glass of champagne you have ever had?

That’s an easy one. I am certain that the best glass of bubbly is the one I’ll have tonight!

What does champagne make you think of?

Luck, success, mystery and love.