BRAUN’s Portfolio

Frans Mintoff, Gordon Grima Baldacchino, Ray Mintoff, Antoine Galea Salomone. Francis Galea Salomone, Anthony Galea, Charles, Mariella and Joseph Abela. Anthony Galea, Adrian Cachia, Victor Galea, Antoine Galea Salomone. Victor Galea, Michael Grech, Alicia Galea, Julienne Sciberras.

VJ Salomone Marketing Ltd recently hosted an exclusive party at the beautiful Xara Lodge in the limits of Rabat, to mark the latest addition to its extensive portfolio, Braun.

VJ Salomone Marketing Ltd Executive Director Victor Galea welcomed guests with a short speech before introducing a real time demonstration of some of the most popular Braun products by leading hair stylist Pierre Camille and his talented team.

Well known TV presenter Joseph Chetcuti also provided some light entertainment following the demonstration.

Braun also offers cutting-edge hair removal products, including men’s shavers, trimmers and epilators for women. Their range also focuses on hair care products, such as straighteners, dryers, hair-stylers and brushes.

For local trade enquiries, call free phone VJ Salomone (Marketing) 8007 2387.