Inversion Postures in Yoga

Is the summer heat leaving you feeling drained and fatigued? Get upside down!

Inversion postures in yoga not only re-energise our system and have endless health benefits, they’re also great fun!

An inversion is generally categorised as any posture in which the head is below the heart. Whilst the shoulder stand, headstand and handstand are all great postures, there are milder modifications, such as downward dog, standing forward folds, fish pose and legs up against the wall which might be more suitable for anyone who is new to such exercises.

Turning our physical body upside down reverses the blood flow, improving blood circulation, regulates the thyroid glands, improves digestion, reduces varicose veins and stimulates the nervous system. With such exercises, we should feel calmer and re-energised. Inversions also strengthen our immune system and ultimately, prevent illnesses.

These postures also teach us to look at everyday life situations from a different angle, literally. The general viewpoint and pattern we have on a daily basis becomes habitual, just like standing upwards comes naturally to us, inversions help us take that first step out of our usual pattern, encouraging us to look at things from a different angle whilst shifting our flow in a whole new direction.

If you are pregnant, suffering from a neck injury, high blood pressure or glaucoma, check with a qualified yoga teacher or doctor before trying any of these postures. Additionally, women who are on their monthly menstruation should be a bit careful. The key is to listen to your body, if you feel it’s not the right time, take a break and simply leave it for another day.