Summer Home Makeover

© Simon Battensby/Image Source/Corbis

As with clothes in your wardrobe being switched around from one season to another, the same can happen with your home décor. Moving some things around or switching colours can help you keep your home looking fresh and bright for the summer months.

Store away heavy blankets and swap your bedding for light, bright colours. It’s amazing how such a simple thing will change the way your bedroom looks. Put away any heavy carpets. Either switch them for lighter and more vibrant-coloured rugs or leave the floors clear for a more airy look in your home and some fresh relief when you’re walking around. The same can be done with your drapes. Take down the heavy drapes, replace with lighter curtains and let the sunshine in.

Add new throws or cushions to your sofas. Change around your throw pillows, get some new cushion covers that are vibrant and fresh, move your sofa around. Your place will look new and your cosy, warm corners will transform into fresh and bright areas.

Bring the outdoors in. Buy some house plants for some added greenery which also act as a natural air filter.

Give it a go, breathe easy and enjoy your summer home.