Overcoming Obstacles

Finding a parking place in many locations on the island has truly become quite a challenge. When it comes to going to particular clients of mine, the only available parking space is a ten minute walk from their offices. I actually love walking so I am not complaining and it gives me some ‘me time’ and to plan my day in my head.

Along this walk there is this beautiful tree and what is so special about this particular tree is that it grows under a bridge of a very busy bypass. Can you imagine the vibrations through the concrete when those huge lorries drive by? And yet take a closer look at the image and you can tell that it is thriving and has certainly ‘overcome’ the obstacles it has to face.

Most of us have to deal with some sort of ‘limiting factor’ in life – be it financial, be it the amount of time we have to dedicate to what we like doing, or maybe it is simply not having the necessary resources to achieve some goal. Whatever it is, I think we can always try to make the best out of whatever situation we find ourselves in and try to ‘thrive’ within our existing environment.

That leads me onto my next tree! While it is sometimes difficult to move away from certain limitations, there are occasions when it is possible to change direction so as to continue to thrive. This tree is outside the Greek Gate in Mdina and as you can imagine, being faced with such an obstacle as a line of fortifications would seem nearly impossible to overcome, yet this tree has grown at an amazing angle and literally turned back on itself! No way would it accept the option of a stunted growth – just because of a high wall!

This makes me wonder whether we can make some small but significant changes in our lives so as to achieve whatever it is we would like.

Moving away from the natural world, just after I had practically written this article, someone posted this short film on Facebook. What an incredible example of what people can do when faced with seemingly unsurmountable obstacles. In this true story, a group of boys found an innovative solution and definitely achieved their ‘goals’ – please excuse the pun!