A TV Programme for the Summer Months

Street BLUSHthat’s the name of the new television programme to be aired over the coming few weeks and which will be sizzling with up-to-the-minute beauty ideas and fashion tips.

Over the past few months, the Street BLUSH team has been scouting around for sixteen girls who are seen to have potential in the fashion and beauty sector. This will be a new experience for all those taking part. The participants have no previous experience in anything connected to modelling, such as photo shoots and fashion shows.

During the programme, all the chosen girls will get a makeover which will include beauty spa treatments, followed by sessions with the hair dresser, make-up artist and nail technician. Stunning outfits will be selected for each participant.

After each makeover, a photo shoot will be held to capture the final look. The day will be rounded off with a delicious dinner at a local restaurant.

Street BLUSH will be aired on ONE TV every Tuesday at 20:45hrs starting 15th July. Don’t miss a single episode each Tuesday until 16 September.

And that’s not all.

Street BLUSH will draw to a close with a fashion event SFILATA DI MODA by Label Model Management and the sixteen protagonists will be the models during this show.

The event will be held on Saturday, 4th October at MFCC and will be aired on television at a later date.

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Watch this space! There’s lots already happening. Here come the Street Blush GIRLS!