An Incredible Photoshoot – Belleza Del Desierto

Schulenburg Fotografie

Schulenburg Photography consists of a young, cutting-edge and creative team from Germany.

Professionally directed by a former model who organises and coordinates photo shoots and all those who are involved in the photography.

The passion behind the studio is to inspire extraordinary photo shoots, create unique images and unforgettable experiences.

For the photo story, Belleza Del Desierto, a blue dress from the designer, Sandra Friebel from Berlin was used.

Photographer: Henry Schulenburg

Model: Katrin Reinecke (Indeed Models)

Designer: Sandra Friebel (Berlin)

The dunes of Gran Canaria were selected as the general setting for this incredible photo shoot. The organisers mentioned that they had to contend with powerful winds, which also presented quite a challenge for the model with her billowing dress.

Such winds are a regular occurrence on the island which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. The organisers were, however, very happy with the results and the overall effect that the wind had on both the surrounding sand dunes and the model’s dress.

The images are truly remarkable and one has already graced the cover of the leading fashion magazine, Magpie Darling. |