Sex Positions That Will Help You Beat The Summer Heat

The Wind in Your Willows Crouch Your Tiger, Hide His Dragon (getting there) Singin’ In the Rain

As the sun becomes angrier and the heat proves more unbearable, get ready to try out new sex positions that will give you some form of relief from the summer.

Okay, so picture this: You go out on a date, you have a great meal, you flirt and hold hands (all under the cool breath of an air conditioner). You make it quite obvious you don’t want the night to end. You get into the car and kiss for a good half an hour before you drive home (all under the cool breath of an air conditioner). You get to your home, which you’ve never bothered to air condition and you try to have sex (although it feels annoyingly like someone has shoved you head first, mouth open into a desert).

Frustrating huh? Well, it’s happened to me.

Sex in Malta in the summer is a nightmare, especially if you don’t have an AC. But I couldn’t believe that I would let summer win over my lust for sex – so I did what I do best: I researched.

Position 1 – The Wind in Your Willows: Switch on the fan and place it next to a wall. Hold on to the wall with the fan in between your arms, while your partner holds you from the back. Enjoy the cool breeze while you get pounded.

Position 2 – Crouch Your Tiger, Hide His Dragon: With the man lying on his back on some cool, Maltese tiles, ride him cowgirl style without touching him (i.e. bop up and down). It’s great for your thighs and has minimal contact. Perfect.

Position 3 – I Love You, But I Love Me More: With the woman lying on her back, the man lies on top of her in a 69 position. Lifting himself using his hands, she gives him oral while he enjoys it. Once done, repeat the action with a reversal of roles.

Position 4 – Singin’ In the Rain: Run a cold shower, get into it, and have sex underneath the pouring water. Once done, apply soap, rinse and dry off. Bam.


Do you find it difficult to have sex in the summer? Have you discovered any other ways of making it work? We’d love to know!