Effortless Messy Braid Style

The messy braid up style is great because it looks effortless without requiring too much time and preparation. First, the hair is sectioned off around the hairline from ear to ear. CHI Pliable Polish is then applied around the hairline to help control the braid and keep it looking professional.

A small pony tail is then created on one side and this will form the basis for the style. The braid starts off using fine hairs and gradually gets thicker as more hair is included. Once it is secured, the hair is gently teased to give it a messy look, without looking unkempt.

When the braid is complete, the focus begins on the top of the hair, which is teased using Infra Texture to create volume. The first braid is then incorporated into another braid, before finally being twisted and secured around the pony tail.

Voilà! Another sophisticated, chic look which is perfect for day or night.

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