Kitchen Tips to Stay Sane


With time and experience in the kitchen you will soon realise that most of your culinary knowledge won’t come from recipes. You will appreciate that making a meal doesn’t simply involve following a few steps. There’s planning involved, even if it’s the simple task of getting something out of the freezer before rushing out to work in the morning.

These few points won’t turn you into another Gordon Ramsey or equivalent kitchen god/goddess, but they will make your life (in this kitchen at least!) easier.

1)  Empty the dishwasher and sink before starting to prepare a new meal – you will have more space to put things away immediately without cluttering your work surface, kitchen table and any other available space. When you’re done, cleaning will seem less daunting.

2) When using the oven, keep in mind that the concept of preheating is not a myth. You will notice a remarkable improvement in your meals if you have the patience to switch the oven on a few minutes ahead of time.

3)  Keep a few staples but know that your usual suspects may differ to someone else’s. I’ve seen plenty of lists online but no one can tell you what you need to have in your cupboards, fridge or freezer at any one time. For some, it’s grains, legumes, cereals or pasta. For others, it’s eggs, cheese and vegetables. Get to know which recipes you like to whip up on lazy days and be prepared and stock up accordingly.

4)  Learn how to store foods properly – read about what needs to be in the fridge and what should stay in your cupboards. Reading just a few tips will decrease clutter in your fridge, save food for longer, decrease waste and get you to appreciate the different properties of what you’re putting into your body. Keep enough containers, foil, plastic wrap and so on, to be able to store leftovers in the fridge or freezer. You’ll thank yourself later when you realise that you don’t need to cook after all, as you already have something ready.