Our Guide To Tasty Summer Food

Bruschetta BBQ Ice cream Gazpacho

With summer temperatures beginning to soar, it is certainly time to put aside the hot soups and all dishes which are too heavy or too hot for this time of the year. Here are a couple of food options that are sure to keep you satisfied, are fresh and some are even healthy!

Starting off with Gazpacho, a chilled summer soup that is a healthy addition to your sandwich. Made with tomatoes, cucumber and thickened with breadcrumbs, it is low on calories and high in nutrients.

Next on our list is ice-cream. What better time to indulge in this creamy goodness than during the hot summer months? Try creating your own ice-cream sandwiches or pour some honey onto your ice-cream as a substitute for more sugary syrups. For a fun option, try shaved ice, flavoured with tasty syrups.

What better way to spend the beautiful summer nights than to fire up the grill and get the family together for a tasty BBQ? Do you need a healthier option? Try grilling up some veggies with your meat and make a quick salad – that way you’ll have a more interesting meal which includes a healthy option.

For an easy to make tasty option to kick off your meals, go for the classic bruschetta. A light, antipasto that brings out the incredible flavour of one of the best summer products, ripe and juicy tomatoes, especially Maltese ones!

Also do not forget that summer brings many juicy and sweet seasonal fruits that are great for snacking or as a sweet healthy treat. There is nothing better than a tasty peach or some delicious plums.

Why don’t you let us know what other foods you add to your diet during the summer months? Just add a comment here.