Celebrate No Bra Day


There is a day once a year, when you can unleash the ta-tas, free the sisters or whatever you want to call removing your bra, and keeping it off all day. A celebration that started off on July 9th in 2011, it has become an annual thing with the exact date not yet official.

The day aims to pay homage, not just to the 1960’s bra-burners but more importantly, it is a gesture to raise awareness about breast cancer.

For women who have to wear underwired bras that cut and leave marks, this might be a huge relief. Then there are those terrible bra straps which dig into your shoulders and can leave you with a sore back and neck.

Even though you might think this event was created by men for men’s pleasure, you might be surprised how many women show their support for #nobraday on social media.

It is truly with a sense of relief that women remove their bras after a hard day at work. So, on July 9th, instead of waiting to get home to remove the constricting bra, just leave it at home in the morning and go out without it.