How To Get Things Done This Summer

Summer is now with us and as with every year, people make up a list of things they want to do. The longer, sunnier days usually lead to more productive days, when compared to the dreary winter ones, or so we think.

As with every season, summer will soon pass and we will be looking back and regretting the lazy days spent doing nothing of consequence. So, here are our top tips to help you make the most of this summer.

Jot down a to-do-list. If you have whole days of freedom, write down a loose schedule of what you want to achieve during that day, even if it is simply going to the beach. More often than not, you end up in front of your computer or TV browsing and the day goes by with nothing to show for it.

Actually stick to your to-do-list. Even if you are not super precise about the timing, write down any projects you would like to carry out and follow them through.

Allocate a time of the day when you are most energetic to get through your to-do-list.

Many people find that this is first thing in the morning and as early as possible due to the heat. Others find those early evening hours the best time to get things done.

Get organised when it comes to those necessary chores.

Even though we tend to eat much lighter meals during these months, it is still necessary to spend time in the kitchen preparing things, often over a hot oven. So get organised with your meal preparations and spend time preparing a good shopping list to save you running to the grocer’s so often. Also, it really is no extra effort to make double portions of those dishes which freeze well. Adopt the same organised approach to other chores. If you have kids, give them some tasks around the house. As they say, ‘a job shared is a job halved’ leaving more time for summer fun.

Give yourself time to relax and let go. After all it is summer and everyone deserves a break. When you look back at the end of summer, you will realise that not only did you have some amazing times, but you also carried out some projects that you are proud of.