Independence from Meat Day: Reasons to become Vegetarian


The 4th of July might be America’s ‘Independence Day’ but it is also ‘Independence from Meat Day’! The Vegetarian Awareness Network in Tennessee created this day with the intention to promote a meat-free diet. So why should you go veggie?

Your risk of cardiovascular diseases massively decreases, because of the lower consumption of fats and cholesterol. This means losing weight is much easier and doesn’t force you to count calories. That is if you don’t consume too much cheese and other dairy products. The Preventive Medicine Research Institute in California discovered that the average person lost 24 pounds in the first year of being meat-free.

Vegetarians feel less sluggish because animal by-products don’t block your arteries. This greater flow of oxygen will also reduce any sexual dysfunction.

Vegetarians are less likely to suffer from food poisoning triggered by bacteria like salmonella.

By not eating meat, you avoid consuming the pesticides, metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium) steroids, carcinogens (PCBs, DDT) or hormones that are either pumped into animals or are transferred to them in one way or another.

You can minimise the effects of menopause. Animal-based diets tend to distort hormone levels. However, a plant-based chemical compound called phytoestrogen has the same effects of oestrogen and therefore reduces the likelihood of hot flushes etc.

Your bowel movements become more regular.  A vegetarian’s high-fibre diet means there’s less chance of constipation, haemorrhoids and diverticulitis.

You’ll be limiting the devastating effects of the farming industry on the environment (e.g. deforestation, drought, pollution, soil erosion).

You’ll help solve the worldwide famine. Animals reared for consumption eat a lot more grain than the average human. If this crop had to be exported, the producer’s trade would massively increase and a hungry person would be able to eat.

You’ll protect the 10 billion animals that are killed every year.

You’ll save money!

‘Independence from Meat Day’ can be seen as being in direct competition with America’s ‘National Barbeque Day’. So why not set yourself a challenge and see if you can prepare a vegetarian barbeque? Or why not at least start by demanding changes to the horrendous conditions the animals are often kept in?

Can you suggest any vegetarian meals?