How To Distract Someone From Watching Football


World Cup Fever is still with us so here are some ways to distract someone from watching football.

Since most of my girl friends seem to think I’m the go-to person when it comes to relationships, they keep asking me how they can distract their partners from watching the football.

Now, first of all, I’d like to point out that it’s not only men who are football addicts… there are many women who actually enjoy football as well. I would know, I’m one of them.

As to how to distract them, I can think of many ways how someone could distract me while watching a game. In fact, one of the easiest ways to make sure the following advice is effective, is by knowing which games he or she will definitely want to watch, and the ones which are not so important. To make sure you get this right, find a football fanatic, treat them to a beer and worm the information out.

So how do you do it?

Watch and learn:

Option 1: Food is an easy way to distract them. In fact, one of the reasons why I could never stand a TV in the dining room was because I didn’t want to end up eating with a TV-watching zombie. Make a nice dinner that the other person will not be able to refuse (their favourite is often a good choice) and have dinner somewhere with no TV set. He or she might scurry back to the living room once they’ve wolfed down the meal, but at least you’ll have got five minutes with the other person.

Option 2: Sex is a weapon that can be used anytime and anywhere – but you need to know how to use it, especially during football season. If you want to have sex with your significant other and you’re scared they’re going to be more interested in the game, prepare them for it. If you’re both at work, start sending sexy sexts early in the day to get them in the mood, drop hints and make it obvious without being too overt about it. Finally, wear something sexy and he or she will not be able to resist you – unless it’s an England vs Italy game, then s/he really won’t budge, sorry.

Option 3: Electricity. What a beautiful thing. It has helped us endlessly, but once it’s not working BOOM our lives are ruined. So imagine if your partner is just about to sit and watch the game and – oops! – blackout. He or she wouldn’t be able to watch the game. Then again you wouldn’t be able to do anything else either.

Having said all this, remember that World Cup season is soon over, so you might want to be a bit more understanding.

Are you finding it hard to deal with your partner watching football? Let us know in the comments’ section below.