Spring Forward, Fall Back


A few days ago, my sister and I were having a conversation about how the mind works when it comes to remembering things. Why is it that so many things just stick in your mind and can be recalled whenever you need them while others just remain a vague blur?

I was watching a film recently and my all-time favourite actor was in the lead role – I think I have watched at least 80% of his films but when someone asked me his name, I simply could not remember. His name then came to mind some hours later, long after the film had ended. That detail must have got buried under all the countless facts and figures stored in my brain and needed a little time to be processed. As is clearly evident from that last sentence, I am clueless on the workings of the brain but it bothers me big time when sometimes I cannot recall something important and usually when I need it most.

I know, I know that’s what’s so good about the internet – you can quickly google things and get all the information you need at your fingertips but what about when you meet someone you’ve known for ages and you need to introduce her to someone else and her name has simply disappeared from your memory.

Memory is a funny thing – I know people who have incredible memories for dates and historical facts and then are always looking for their keys and have no clue where they parked their car the night before. I suppose we are all ‘wired up’ differently – again a totally non-expert approach to the subject.

I do try to be proactive when it comes to remembering things – the brain is a muscle after all – I wouldn’t want to have a lazy brain! I find remembering by association helps a lot and that finally, brings me to the title of this little piece! I was telling my sister that I always have to think twice when it comes to setting the clock to summer time and that a friend refers to putting the garden furniture out in spring and bringing them back in for the winter. She had an even better way to remember this.  “Spring Forward, Fall Back” she said – which makes so much sense.  In spring, we move the clocks forward an hour and in ‘fall’ – which is the American way to refer to Autumn – we turn the clocks back! Great!  I will never forget that one again!