July – National Ice Cream Month

© Monalyn Gracia/Corbis

The idea of a National Ice Cream Month started in the US in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan proclaimed that from then on, July would be the National Ice Cream month and that the third Sunday of the month be recognised as National Ice Cream Day. This has been celebrated each year ever since.

To help you celebrate this delicious treat, here are a few fun facts about ice cream.

Ice cream is a wonderful cold treat which is especially enjoyed during the long hot months of summer. Although its exact origins have been lost in the mists of time, we do know that in the tenth century, this summer treat was made from ice. This was before its basic ingredient became milk.

This delicious treat was introduced into continental Europe in the late 13th century after Marco Polo’s travels from the Far East.

Ice cream is extremely popular in America, with an average of 27 kilos consumed per person every year. It takes about six kilos of milk to make four litres of ice cream. The most popular ice cream flavour is vanilla, followed by chocolate and strawberry and the favourite topping is chocolate syrup.

One out of every five ice cream eaters admits to ice cream binging in the middle of the night, with men doing this more often than women.

There is a fruit in Hawaii called an ‘ice cream bean’ which tastes very much like vanilla ice cream.

The end of World War II was celebrated by eating ice cream and for one last fun fact – one cone of ice cream can be finished in about fifty licks. Enjoy!