Are Malta’s Fashion Bloggers Doing A Good Job?

It is no secret that Malta’s fashion industry is growing in talent and influence, but are our bloggers keeping up?

I am by no means a fashion expert, but I have always admired the fashion blogger. It is a job that comes with a lot of responsibility and which unfolds in front of prying, judgemental eyes. But it is also a job that comes with lavish perks and, done right, can lead to notoriety and even fame.

We can see this in Malta and the tons of posts published each and every month detailing their freebies and the events that our army of fashion bloggers were invited to. They show us the new bag they got from this brand and the cocktail they sipped at the other brand’s event – but is that enough?

I think it’s high time we all realised that if we want the Maltese fashion industry to move forward, then we need proper and knowledgeable commentators to help push it in the right direction. High-street is fine, but it’s hardly ground-breaking … even by Maltese standards! I mean, where are the Maltese versions of Bryanboy and Toni Tran? The Mediterranean counterparts of Sasha Wilkins? And where are the fearless choices?

I feel that Maltese bloggers spend too much time talking about international celebrities, but I don’t need them to tell me what Kim Kardashian wore to the MET Gala Ball, there’s Harper’s Bazaar for that. I need them to be an inspiration in terms of fashion; to give me their own, honest opinion; and to be daring, different and picky. And it’s also not about the brands per se, but about how they wear the items. That’s what really counts.

Then again, a lot of brands in Malta that could benefit from blogging don’t invest. Being a fashion blogger is both time-consuming and expensive. Bloggers need to be aided, particularly because they could be every fashion brand’s direct link to the masses. Failure to understand that will hinder the progress of the scene.

Considering just how short a history Malta’s fashion scene has, and the fact that these bloggers have no predecessors, they are doing a mighty good job. But as a dandy myself, I would also like to see something with more oomph, something high-fashion but Maltese, something aspirational and inspirational.

Will this ever happen? I have faith.

Do you agree with James’s point of view? Would you like to see such a change? Let us know in the comments’ section below!