Five Awesome Things To Try This Summer

Spend A Day Out At Sea Go On A Weekend Getaway Wake Up, Do Nothing Visit Museums Give Someone A Good Day

With months of gorgeous weather ahead of us, here are some amazing things you can try out.

As we grow older, summer becomes less important. It is no longer that period in between scholastic years, or that time of life you get as a teenager. When you grow older, summer is simply a continuation of your normal year with some swimming at the weekends, instead of cosy nights in.

But this summer will be my first one as a singleton in over 20 years, and I’m ready to make the most of it (as if it were still 1974). All my choices are very PG-13 and can be done by both teenagers and adults of a conservative or crazy nature.

(Yes, even I raised my eyebrow.)

Spend A Day Out At Sea: Whether you have your own boat, know someone who does, or are looking to rent one, this should be a summer staple. There really is no way of describing the bliss of sipping cocktails on a deck, or having sex in a cabin (sorry, I had to), or seeing your kids enjoying the freedom only the open sea can provide. Those renting one from one of Malta’s many boating companies should remember that sexing it up in the cabin is not very ethical, however, even though they will probably provide you with your personal, sexy skipper.

Go On A Weekend Getaway: Be it Gozo or Tunisia, Tuscany or London, there is nothing like a quick getaway in the middle of summer to revitalise your mind and get away from all the drama that summer tends to bring with it. Find some cheap tickets, grab your partner (or a friend or two), go somewhere random and let yourself go in someone else’s culture, art, food and way of life.

Wake Up, Do Nothing: One of the things I miss most from my teenage years is that feeling you get from waking up and having nothing to do. No work, no responsibilities, no duties – just 24 hours to waste. Many will think it’s a crazy idea, but think about it: how many of us have the leisure of being with just our thoughts for 24 hours? Of not having anyone demanding anything from us for 24 hours? I intend to do it. I’ll order take away, I’ll leave the dishes in the sink and I won’t even bother to put make up on. Because… why not?

Visit Museums: When I was reading Architecture at university, museums were a part of my everyday life, as our tutors insisted we needed to learn from the greats if we wanted to do something worthwhile. I still agree with them and I think museums should be a part of everyone’s social calendar. So find one or two that you like, go there and spend a couple of hours roaming around. It’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s educational and it doesn’t cost the Earth (plus, these places are often air-conditioned!).

Give Someone A Good Day: My grandmother has been blessed with old age, but unfortunately it’s not very easy for her to get out of the house. That’s why I have decided to spend a day with her out and about. I’ll take her to Ghajn Tuffieha for ice-cream, maybe to Mellieha so she can feel the sand once again, and to a fancy restaurant she’s never been to for an early dinner. If you too are lucky enough to have someone like that in your life, you should take them out, as well. If not, find someone who could do with a fun day out and be selfless for a day. It’s good for the soul and your karma!

What do you think of Evelyn’s list of things to do this summer? Anything you’d add to it? Let us know!