Interview with Diane Borg

Photo: Ray Attard Photo: Chris Schembri Baldacchino

Date of Birth: 12/09/1990

Where do you live: Paola

Status: Engaged

Star Sign: Virgo

Main occupation: Lecturer

Media-related occupation: Athlete

DIANE BORG started practising athletics at the age of 12 after an inter-school competition. She has always loved to run and feeling the rush it gives you, but she had never opted to take it seriously. This inter-school competition gave her the opportunity to start practising it more seriously.

After two years of training, at the age of 14, she managed to break the Senior National Record for the 100m at 12.11s. This was a great feat, especially at such a young age.  “I was doing quite well competing at World Championships, European Championships etc, but unfortunately, due to over-training, I got seriously injured at the age of 16.  I hadn’t noticed it from the start, but I had a stress fracture in my navicular bone (ankle) on my left foot and unfortunately, I kept on running. I also had another stress fracture in my navicular bone in my right foot and ended up with two fractured feet. It took over three months to get diagnosed properly and consequently, this caused a lot of damage.  It took me three years to get back into shape and I would very much like to thank my coach, Mario Bonello, since he was the one who encouraged me not to give up and keep on fighting for what I wanted. All the sacrifices and suffering paid off in the years 2011 and 2012.

In 2011, I managed to break the national records for the 100m, 200m and 4x100m and also managed to win two gold medals and a silver medal at the Games of Small States of Europe which was held in Liechtenstein. For my performance at these Games, I was also selected as Malta’s flag bearer for the closing ceremony. I also received the  Athlete of the Year and Sportiva tas-Sena awards,” explained DIANE BORG in her introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

In 2012, her dream came true and she represented Malta at the Olympic Games.  It was a great experience and she managed to be the first Maltese participant to pass a round at the Olympic Games.  Diane was only 0.03 seconds away from the National Record so she was very happy with her performance, especially since she had just learnt that she was suffering once again from stress fractures in both her ankles.  “For my performance, I got selected once again to carry the Maltese flag at the closing ceremony and I received the Athlete of the Year and Sportiva tas-Sena honours, once again. In 2012, I also managed to lower my national record in the 200m to 24.15s and I am pleased to say that I achieved the best performance for a Maltese athlete.”

Are you training at the moment?

This year, I have had to stop for around four months due to my full time job and part-time studies for my Masters Degree.  But I will manage to start training again soon and I am aiming to represent Malta in the relay at the Common Wealth Games.

What do you think is your best asset?

Well, since I’m a sprinter, I guess it has to be my speed :)

If you had to win a big lottery, what would you do with the money?

I would buy a big house and go for a holiday – because I really need one!

Do you collect anything?

Not really – athletics is a really time-consuming hobby!

What’s a hobby you spend most money on?

It definitely has to be athletics :) Though, I enjoy buying loads of clothes as well :)