Reflections About This And That

Instead of focusing on one subject alone, I chose to write down some reflections about various topics that my mind keeps reflecting upon.


I get so confused each time the subject comes up. It’s fully understandable and clear that men and women should have equal rights, full stop. What I don’t understand is why these so-called feminists always strive to become men.

I would assume that a feminist would appear in feminine clothing and act like a woman, that she would do her utmost to show the world all the strength and beauty of a woman and why we deserve the same treatment as men. We will never be equal in terms of physical strength, but what we can strive for are equal rights.

There’s a crucial difference here. As it is, feminists in places such as Europe or the US seem to look up to men so much that they forget to shave their legs and armpits in the quest to become the ‘bigger and better sex’.

How on earth are feminists to be taken seriously and who can see the strength and power of a woman when she looks and sounds like a man? Fight for women’s right in society by BEING a woman! Otherwise it’s just confusing. Remember – regardless of shape, size or style – nothing stops us from being feminine and proud of being a woman!


Self-help books

I do read self-help books from time to time because I think there’s always room for improvement and I believe more people would benefit from doing so, once in a while.

What comes to mind each time, however, is how every single author of such books assumes that stress, anxiety and depression comes from the same source and is the same for everyone – a stressful job, difficulties saying no to invitations and social events or too little time for hobbies, due to having kids and family etc.

Why is that the only imaginable situation? You always read that anxiety can be lowered by calling a friend for a cheer-up talk; what if the mere thought of making a phone call is the ‘trigger’ for a person’s anxiety? What if there is no friend to confide in?

Maybe social anxiety is the problem and therefore getting a job is also out of the question.

Why is the idea of kids and family always related to stress? So many people out there suffer from anxiety and stress because they’re trying to conceive and would gladly take the morning rush each day, as long as they can have a family.

My last observation is this – the suggestions are always that you should slow down on work, you can make time for your hobbies. Are they assuming that everyone has a clear hobby, interest or goal?

Anxiety may also have been triggered for one reason or another and there is absolutely no chance of managing social events. This generally stops a person from attending courses and hobby-related classes etc.

I just find it strange that there’s rarely a book about ‘inner’ stress and anxiety based on the lack of all or one of the above?



So many diets are thrown at us from every direction about the importance of what we allow ourselves to eat, but what about where, when and with whom we should eat?

It is equally important to remember that eating should not be done in a rush, so avoid quick snacking in front of the TV, laptop or when you are on the mobile. My suggestion is that you should always try your best to create a stress-free moment each day, where you are able to eat slowly and that way, make better use of diets.