What to Do When Your Partner Has an STI


What do you do when the person you’re with has an STI?

How do you deal with it? And how do you protect yourself?

In an age when people have (way) more than one sexual partner in their lifetime and when sexual experimentation is not only acceptable but also common practice, the chances that your partner may have an STI are higher than ever.

But what are you supposed to do? And how are you meant to handle it?

To start off with, don’t panic! There are a lot of different STIs out there and they are rarely deadly. Genital warts are technically incurable, but they don’t kill. Hepatitis can be controlled, and even HIV can be managed these days with the average life expectancy not changing at all.

But how do you deal with the knowledge that your partner has something and that he or she may infect you at any point?


Know the Facts:

STIs are as much a moral panic as they are a real risk. Visit a doctor or go to the GU clinic and find out the real facts from people who know them. Don’t bother looking them up online because even if you find the real information, the removal of the human middleman will make it harder to digest (and the relevant pictures may give you a heart attack).

Get Tested:

When you find out that your partner has something, you should make sure you get tested… and regularly! This isn’t just a rule for those with an infected partner. However, EVERYONE who is sexually active should be getting tested. There are loads of people running around with undiagnosed STIs and it’s mostly those who are spreading them like wild fire.

Get Treatment / Help Your Partner Get Treatment:

Whether the STI your partner has is curable or not, treatment is imperative.

All STIs can be treated these days – or at least controlled – so there are really no excuses.

Have Safe Sex:

Discuss your options for safe sex with your doctor. Apart from condoms there are also creams, pills and procedures to help you control things, so take every precaution to make sure you don’t get it or spread it.

Be Prepared For Changes:

A non-curable STI changes your life… Fact.

Knowing your partner has it also changes your life… Fact.

But in order to move forward, you need to understand that you are both going to have to make sacrifices. Remember that if you decide to stay, then you are giving away your right to use it against the other person – even when you’re angry!

What do you think of Evelyn’s advice? Would you stick around if your partner told you he or she has an STI? Let us know in the comments’ section below.

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