Five People Involved in Malta’s Fashion Industry You Should Look Out For

Amy Zahra Manuel Bonnici Marco Parascandolo Mariel Sacco Naledi Sehloho

Now that Malta Fashion Week 2014 is over and we’ve seen the new standards, or should I say heights, Malta’s fashion industry has reached, here are five people who truly stood out.

There is no doubt that Malta’s fashion scene is progressively blossoming. But between the mix of new designers, models, bloggers and stylists and the ones who have already established themselves throughout the years, it is easy to get lost.

That’s why I’ve decided to point out my selection of five up-and-coming people on the scene that in my opinion, truly stood out during the event.

Amy Zahra may only be 15 years old, but her presence on the catwalk and the resultant photos she is in are-frikken-incredible. She is by far one of the best models I have ever seen on a Maltese runway and I think she can pull off anything and everything. Amy was one of the best models in the Charles&Ron show, and she was every-inch the star at the Judy R Clark show too.

Manuel Bonnici is a model worthy of the international catwalks, particularly the British ones. In fact, I can just see him fronting Burberry. He was amazing during the Gagliardi show and there is no doubt that we’ll be seeing a lot more of him over the course of the upcoming year. And we can look forward to that.

Marco Parascandolo is one of the latest additions to the list of designers who use Malta as their inspiration, with the precursors being Charles&Ron, Sef Farrugia, Luke Azzopardi and Ritienne Zammit. His tops, bearing the legends Faqa Sew and Skandlu among others, have been a total hit, and they could easily become cultural icons in the months to come.

Mariel Sacco is the brain behind Confessions of a Former Size 6 and she has an effortless style that is enviable. Her pen is fun and she’s surely set to become more popular, particularly as she stood out among the myriad of make-up and fashion bloggers.

Naledi Sehloho is the personification of the word fierce. She glided down the runway with a fiery passion like no other at the Charles&Ron show. Although she made a faux pas, that of looking directly at the audience which models are not normally supposed to do, she does it with such utter disregard and grandeur that you just can’t help but fall in love with her. She also photographs beautifully and effortlessly.

Were you at Malta Fashion Week? Who do you think stood out? Let us know in the comments’ section below!