A Look At Some Unusual Jobs

Do you ever get bored with your nine-to-five office job and dream of an exciting, challenging job which is that little bit out of the ordinary? After you read about some of these odd jobs, you might rethink that and be grateful for your boring day in front of computer type of job.

Let’s start off with odour judges. They perform daily odour tests on armpits, breath, feet, cat litter and nappies and then judge the smells on a scale of one to ten. For some reason, most judges are women.

Do you want a job that gets you outside and takes you across lush green lawns? Here is the one for you then, a golf ball diver which involves gathering a daily 5,000 loot of balls from the various ponds across the green. They are then sent to a refinishing company which sells them for half price.

Are you looking for a job which will definitely be a conversation starter? Why not go for tampon tester? What you are looking at is testing absorbency, head projection and cord strength. You are guaranteed to be famous with the ladies, or maybe not!

Have you ever wondered what dog food tastes like? This is your chance to find out. Dog food testers actually exist and they claim that the best way to actually test dog food is to taste it. Things to keep in mind are taste and texture. The food is also compared to human food to determine its consistency, as compared with our food.

What will it be then? Which would be your choice?