It’s a Colourful World!

Javier Lovera Hans Sevester Vienna Paint

As someone who considers herself to be spiritual and caring, I was quite surprised at my conflicting beliefs on reading an article recently. Well, it was a list actually, highlighting those things which we should know about and those that the media decides to tell us. I looked down the ‘ should know’ list – why bees are dying in their billions, the importance of organic food, hazards of industrial pollution etc. and then the ‘news’ list- who is getting divorced, courtroom scandals, the housing market and so on.

And at the bottom of the ‘needless news’ list it read – What colour to wear. Now, as an image consultant, this made me think!

Is it shallow to care about what we wear? Does it really matter? In the vast scheme of things, I guess not, but I do firmly believe that how we look can have a massive impact on how we feel and interact in the world!

Colour, in particular, plays an important role in this. Psychologically, it can uplift us and cosmetically can literally alter our complexions simply by wearing the correct tone and shade. Different looks and moods can be achieved with colour – dramatic, romantic, casual, formal!

Colour can be used to make us look slimmer and balance proportions. Even in places on this planet, where life is slower and less commercial, colour is given due importance when it comes to tribal dress and often represents hierarchy.

The importance of colour in nature goes without saying – it is needed for survival and procreation. I wonder how successful the male peacock would be without his magnificent image!

Let’s not forget that WE are part of the natural world, too!

Yes, I do believe that our ‘image seeking’, society has gone too far- airbrushing photos is a prime example of this, but I also believe that being positive is also important. Self-respect and appreciation is a God-given gift. If we look good, then we feel happier and radiate a more positive energy to those around us which HAS to be a good thing!