Five Places To Go On Holiday This Summer


Looking for a great place to spend a well-deserved holiday this summer? Here are my top five spots!

When you’re looking to get away from the scorching Maltese sun and the crazy drama and politics that a Maltese lifestyle has to offer, then look no further than this guide to the best holiday destinations – in my humble opinion, of course!

Rome: They say that all roads lead to Rome, and gosh are they right! Whatever it is you’re looking for – be it great food, amazing history, superior shopping and legendary monuments – Rome has it all! The city is also a wonder in itself, as old and new sit together seamlessly to create a place with so much character it’s impossible to beat!

Evelyn’s Seal of Approval: Rome is FAVOLOSA!

Tunisia: The enviable Mediterranean lifestyle meets the wonders of Africa in this mesmerising place. Once one of the most popular destinations for Maltese tourists, it is about time we rediscovered the joys of lavish hotels at unbeatable prices, gorgeous expeditions and some of the best open markets anywhere in the world!

Evelyn’s Seal of Approval: Tunisia ħanina, ħobża u sardina! [Just check it out!]

South of France: From Cannes to Nice to Monaco (yes I know it’s its own country), the South of France is a vast space begging to be discovered – and it has it all! From breath-taking scenery to vineyards ten times the size of the MFCC, to kings and shopping and celebrities. The South of France is definitely the ultimate spot for the chic traveller or anyone looking for a few days of proper rest without any of the touristic duties.

Evelyn’s Seal of Approval: Long live Grace Kelly and the South of France!

Ibiza: This is the party capital of the world, and from world-famous DJs to the funkiest bars, there is no place like it! Of course, it is on the more expensive side of things, and a week partying here may lead you to take another week off just to sober up and not stink of sin, but the atmosphere is to die for! There is a twist, however: Ibiza also has some awe-inspiring scenery, and if you locate the right spot, you can have one of the quietest and most energising holidays of your life!

Evelyn’s Seal of Approval: ‘Trid drink, sinjura?’ Gib il-flixkun, sabiħ!’ [‘Would you like a drink, madam?’ ‘I’ll have the bottle.’]

Barcelona: With the Sagrada Familia at its core, incredible architecture is this city’s claim to fame. But let’s be clear: Barcelona is more than just a city with pretty buildings. It’s a city full of life, with great restaurants and clubs, more museums than you can check out in a week and it’s not far away from places like Tarragona (the ancient capital of the Roman Hispanic province) and Port Avventura.

Evelyn’s Seal of Approval: Vamos a Bercelona, chico! [Let’s go to Barca, sexy!]

What do you think of Evelyn’s top five? Any other reasons you’d suggest these places? Or maybe other places you’d suggest? Let us know in the comments’ section below.