3 Tips To Get You Ready For Summer

As the dreaded day when you have to bare your legs after the colder months steadily approaches, here are our three beauty tips that we recommend you follow to get yourself, summer-ready, so to speak!

1. Scrub, scrub, scrub

Make sure your skin looks smooth and silky by using a good scrub when you shower, followed by a generous amount of body lotion to make your skin glow.

Tip: If your skin is too sensitive or dry why not give dry brushing a go, use a body brush on dry skin before the shower.

2. Use a self-tanner

Instead of trying to get tanned  by going for some sneaky sun bathing on your roof, before going to the beach with friends or boyfriend, use a good self-tanner all over. Bring out the sun goddess without the extra time in the sun.

Tip: Make sure you have no dry patches before applying a self-tanner.

3. Get a haircut

Trim your hair or get a fun haircut, still making sure that it is manageable for the hotter months. If you would like a more subtle change, lighten your highlights to give your hair more texture and it will look great at the beach.

Tip: Get a Keratin Treatment to have less frizzy hair days.