Beachy Tips For Your Peachy Bits


At long last, beach season is upon us and the summery sun is smiling down on us and everyone feels just that much more relaxed and bright and positive. Many places of work start half days, the kids have summer holidays to look forward to and summer nightlife is always fun.

Since we tend to expose our skin more in summer, everyone needs to be super careful so as not to turn our sunny dreams into hellish nightmares.

Tip number 1: Always wear sunscreen, even if not going to the beach. Whether it’s a day for shopping or just hanging out with friends and family, use it everywhere. Nowadays, one can find a light spray form. Gone are the days of gloopy and stinky sun cream that nobody wants to put on. Now one can find odourless brands in skin colour.

Tip number 2: After being out and about, in spite of putting on loads of sunscreen, it is always a good idea to moisturise the skin. The best would be a moisturiser with aloe vera or else with lavender, as both plants have skin-healing properties.

Tip number 3: Take care of your hair which can become coarse and dehydrated. Wearing a hat is ideal, however shampoos and conditioners with Moroccan oil or Argan oil in them really help maintain the hair’s condition. Actual bottles of Argan oil can be found in pharmacies and certain health food outlets.

Tip number 4: Love your body. Not going to the beach because you have a few wobbly bits is ridiculous. Not even supermodels are perfect. Find a flattering swimsuit and dive in!

Lucky for us, the summer months in Malta are long and our beaches are beautiful. Stay safe, enjoy and keep healthy.