Summer is Coming!!

Shifting from a Winter to a Summer Wardrobe

The time I dread most during the seasonal year has finally arrived.

Summer is here and I must pack away all my winter cardigans, polo necks, thick trousers and fluffy stuff, to make way for cooler (and skimpier) wear.

Every year I despair and feel positively mystified how one woman can have so many clothes, yet never find anything to wear, not to mention always ending up wearing the same favourite outfits.

Neurotic shopper apart, storing away all my winter clothes to make space for my summer ones is always an enormous problem.

As everyone knows, winter clothes are much bulkier than summer ones. That means that the same storage space one had used for the thinner summer clothes is now required to accommodate more bulk. This is not easy, especially for those who are not blessed with a walk-in closet or multiple guest bedrooms which can be turned into storage space at the drop of a hat.

So, here are some tips on how one can facilitate the shift from ‘wintery’ to ‘summery’ clothing.

1) Clean your clothes prior to storing them. This is very important as it reduces the risk of pests/smells attaching themselves to the clothes. Finding your clothes clean at the start of winter, is also a big plus.

2) Find a suitable container to store your winter clothing. This could be either large garbage bags which is a cheap way of storing stuff. However, make sure that no zips or buckles get caught into the plastic. Storage boxes, unused suitcases, or vacuum storage bags are definitely a better option.

3) Sort similar items into the same container. Again, this will help with unpacking everything again at a later date.

4) Keep clothing fresh by putting in lavender sachets or cedar blocks in the container.

5) Put the clothing into a dry, yet well-aired storage space. Storage spaces inside platform beds with drawers are a good idea, as well as closets or storage units.

With your winter clothes out of the way, it’s time to take a look at last year’s summer clothes. Honestly, this is the part I hate most, as not only have I normally forgotten what clothes I had, but I usually have to try on each pair of shorts, top and dress, before I can decide whether or not to keep it. I usually end up hiding it somewhere ‘just in case’ I decide to wear it, even though it’s become hideous or it doesn’t really fit me anymore.

My advice is – don’t be like me!

Don’t attach so much importance to your clothes that you can’t bear to part with even those items which not even the bag lady would bother to look at twice! If you know you are not going to wear something, then throw it away or if it is good quality – give it to charity!!

One last thing though, never throw something out just because it has ‘gone out of fashion’. Apart from the fact that fashion is what you make of it, personally I believe that one must always wear what looks good on him / her and not simply what fashion dictates.

Be that as it may, if you prefer to follow the seasonal and yearly jet-set, keep in mind that different trends always tend to come back in fashion sooner or later. So, throw out clothes which you know you will never wear again because they are ruined or are the wrong size, but do not throw away something you may salvage in a year or so.

I admit, you can spend hours in front of your wardrobe debating whether to keep something or not, and worrying about the consequences of living without that bit of clothing. It is not as tragic as it sounds though, so lighten up, and good luck with your wardrobe shift!